Carnegie Mellon University
January 31, 2022

Strong placement and salary results for Masters of Automated Science first graduating class

Carnegie Mellon’s M.S. in Automated Science is the first program of its kind in the world, and we are very pleased that the graduates of the inaugural 2021 class obtained excellent positions, both in industry and universities.  The recently-released Carnegie Mellon-wide salary survey showed that, in addition, the average starting salary of our MSAS graduates who are in industry was a very competitive $107,200 (median $110,000).  Four other MSAS graduates are currently working towards Ph.D. degrees in top research universities.

Students in the MSAS program have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art automation lab equipment and study with world-class computational biology faculty.  Furthermore, each student gains real-world experience by completing capstone projects with industry partners.  Because of their unique experience in MSAS, these graduates are highly sought after by employers and universities. 

Automated science is a critical new direction in research and development, and our graduates went on to innovative companies in this growing field including Twist Bioscience and Emerald Cloud Lab (who will partner with Carnegie Mellon to build the first university-based cloud lab).