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hosein.jpg Hosein Mohimani

Dr. Mohimani’s research focuses on the development of computational metabolomics and metagenomics methods for antibiotic discovery and microbiome analysis. Microbes in human body interact with their human host and with each other through small molecules (e.g. antibiotics and signaling molecules). Mining the human metagenome has shown that human microbiome has a great potential for production of small molecules. Most of such molecules remain unknown, despite the fact that they can play a crucial role on human health. Mohimani’s lab is specifically interested in analyzing large scale mass spectrometry and metagenomics data using tools from machine learning, genome mining, signal processing, graph theory, and statistics to discover novel genetically synthesized small molecules in the human microbiome.

Gates Hillman Center Room 7717

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Administrative Assistant: Ally Ricarte