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Department Resources

Your Andrew account is the key to access many of the university’s computing services such as online enrollment applications, including Student Information Online, computing clusters, and email.

For help and troubleshooting, please contact with any questions.

For questions about building access, please contact a department administrator with a copy of your CMU ID.  

To reserve a conference room, please contact an administrative assistant

To register your bank account for direct deposit for reimbursements, fill out the attached form and send it to a department administrator.  Click here to see who your administrator is. 

Business and Travel Expense Policy: The purpose of this Business and Travel Expense Policy is to provide departments, supervisors, employees and non-employees with specific policies and procedures regarding Carnegie Mellon University business and travel expenses.  Business expenses include those that are directly paid (e.g., purchasing card) as well as expenses reimbursed to individuals who incur them on behalf of the university.

Employee Expense Reimbursements Request: To request a reimbursement, please read, complete the Reimbursement Request Form, and send all materials to your administrative assistant.

Non-Employee Expense Reimbursement Request: To request a reimbursement, please contact an administrative assistant with the following.:

  • Name
  • Receipts [Must contain, name, itemization, number of card charged]
  • Business purpose of the expense

To begin using SIO, log in with your Andrew User ID and password. When you first log in, be sure to update your contact information under the My Info tab. SIO is a secure site where you can find important, personalized information, including:

  • Student account invoices and activity
  • Financial aid status/eligibility
  • Grades and QPA
  • Course schedule
  • Class registration and make modifications to course schedules
  • Update contact information
  • Enrollment in Online Banking
  • Authorization of another individual to receive invoices
  • Request enrollment verifications

For questions on office space and office management, please contact Nicole Stenger or Janet Garrand

For questions about payroll, please contact Julie Nys.

Computational Biology Department Printer

Location: Gates and Hillman Centers Room 7604
Note: This printer can print black and white and full color. Any print jobs sent to SCS-Public can be accessed and printed through other SCS-Public printers. Please visit the list of SCS printers for more information.

Hiring a programmer or a new member of the department? Please contact Julie Nys to start the process.
To request an SCS Account, please contact a department administrator. For additional questions, please contact the SCS Help Desk here.

ETHICS HOTLINE: 877-700-7050

Report Sexual Harassment or Sexual Assault:
Students: 412-268-7125 | | Cyert Hall, Suite 140
Faculty: 412-268-5865 | 411 Warner Hall
Staff: 412-268-1018 | 200 Whitfield Hall
Athletics: 412-268-2193 | Skibo Gymnasium