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02-201 Programming for Scientists

Provides a practical introduction to programming for students with little or no prior programming experience who are interested in science. Fundamental scientific algorithms will be introduced, and extensive programming assignments will be based on analytical tasks that…
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02-250 Intro to Computational Biology

This 12-unit class provides a general introduction to computational tools for biology. The course is divided into two modules, which may be taken individually as courses 02-251 and 02-252. Module 1 covers computational molecular biology/genomics. It examines important…
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02-251 Great Ideas in Computational Biology

This 12-unit course provides an introduction to many of the great ideas that have formed the foundation for the transformation of the life sciences into a fully-fledged computational discipline. This gateway course is intended as a first exposure to computational biology…
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02-261 Quantitative Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory

This is an introductory laboratory-based course designed to teach basic biological laboratory skills used in exploring the quantitative nature of biological systems and the computational reasoning required for performing research in computational biology. Over the course…
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02-319 Genomics and Epigenetics of the Brain

This course will provide an introduction to genomics, epigenetics, and their application to problems in neuroscience. The rapid advances in genomic technology are in the process of revolutionizing how we conduct molecular biology research. These new techniques have given…
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02-331 Modeling Evolution

Introduction of population genetic theory as a lens for the understanding and interpretation of modern datasets, such as datasets of human world-wide genomic and epigenomic variation or tumor genomic heterogeneity.

02-402 Computational Biology Seminar

This course consists of weekly invited presentations on current computational biology research topics by leading scientists.

02-403 Special Topics in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

This is a mini Special Topics course taught on an occasional basis to cover different topics in computational biology.

02-414 String Algorithms

Key Topics:  string search inexact matching string compression string data structures such as suffix trees, suffix arrays, and searchable compressed indices the Burrows-Wheeler transform locality sensitive hashing de Brujin Graphs

02-425 Computational Methods for Proteogenomics and Metabolomics

Proteomics and metabolomics are the large scale study of proteins and metabolites, respectively. In contrast to genomes, proteomes and metabolomes vary with time and the specific stress or conditions an organism is under. Applications of proteomics and metabolomics include…
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02-450 Automation of Scientific Research

Automated scientific instruments are used widely in research and engineering. Robots dramatically increase the reproducibility of scientific experiments, and are often cheaper and faster than humans, but are most often used to execute brute-force sweeps over experimental…
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02-500 Undergraduate Research in Computational Biology

 This course is for undergraduate students who wish to do supervised research for academic credit with a Computational Biology faculty member.

02-510 Computational Genomics

Dramatic advances in experimental technology and computational analysis are fundamentally transforming the basic nature and goal of biological research. The emergence of new frontiers in biology, such as systems biology, is demanding new methodologies that can confront…
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02-512 Computational Methods for Biological Modeling and Simulation

The general topics covered will be:  [4 weeks] Models for optimization problems[6 weeks] Simulation and sampling[4 weeks] Model inferenceParameter tuning  The course will emphasize: Practical algorithmsAlgorithm design methods drawn from various…
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02-518 Computational Medicine

Modern medical research increasingly relies on the analysis of large patient datasets to enhance our understanding of human diseases. This course will focus on the computational problems that arise from studies of human diseases and the translation of research to the…
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02-740 Bioimage Informatics

With the rapid advance of bioimaging techniques and fast accumulation of bioimage data, computational bioimage analysis and modeling are playing an increasingly important role in understanding of complex biological systems. The goals of this course are to provide students…
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