Carnegie Mellon University

Algorithms and Advanced Data Structures

Course Number: 02-613

This course is for students not in the computer science major or minor who are interested in advanced data structures.

Key Topics:

  • Run time analysis
  • Divide-and-conquer algorithms
  • Dynamic programming algorithms
  • Network flow algorithms
  • Linear and integer programming
  • Large-scale search algorithms and heuristics
  • Efficient data storage and query
  • NP-completeness 

Semester(s): Fall, Spring
Units: 12
Prerequisite(s): 15-122 or 15-121

Learning Objectives

Ability to design, analyze complexity of, and prove the correctness of algorithms used with data structures.

Cross-Listed: 15-351, 15-650

Note: 02-613 is for students in the MSCB program, 15-650 is for other graduate students, and 15-351 is for undergraduates.

Substitutes: 15-112 for 15-121, 15-123 for 15-122

Assessment Structure: 

  • Standard grading: 20% for homeworks, 25% for each of the midterms, and 30% for the final.
  • Alternative minimum grade: 20% for homeworks, 15% for the lower midterm, 25% for the higher midterm, 40% for the final. Must complete at least 90% of homeworks to qualify for alternative minimum grading scheme.