Carnegie Mellon University

CPCB Course/Current Topics in Computational Biology

Course Number: 02-701

The course consists of weekly presentations by students and faculty on current topics in computational biology.

This course is only for current CPCB Ph.D students

Semester(s): Fall, Spring
Units: 3

Learning Objectives

 This course has two parts:
  1. Paper presentation for years 1 and 2 and
  2. Research presentation for years 3 and 4

Assessment Structure: 

Grading policies depend on whether you are presenting or notIf you are presenting this semester

  • 50% Participation (attendance + discussion +quiz)
  • 50% Presentation quality

If you are not presenting, participation counts for 100%.

80% attendance is necessary for a passing grade. If you have a legitimate reason for missing class contact the instructors ahead of time.