Carnegie Mellon University

Laboratory Methods for Automated Biology II

Course Number: 02-762

This laboratory course provides a continuation and extension of experiences in 02-761. Instruction will consist of lectures and laboratory experience using multi-purpose laboratory robotics. During weekly laboratory time, students will complete and integrate parts of two larger projects. The first project will be focused on the execution of a molecular biology experiment requiring nucleic acid extraction, library preparation for sequencing, and quality control. The second project will be focused on the implementation and execution of automated methods using active learning techniques to direct the learning of a predictive model for a large experimental space (such as learning the effects of many possible drugs on many possible targets).

This course is designed for first-year MS in Automated Science students.

Semester(s): Spring
Units: 12
Prerequisite(s): 02761

Learning Objectives

(Principles and parameters of lab automation with focus on specific devices)

During this course, students should gain additional experience in many aspects of automated scientific research, including:

  • Liquid handling capabilities, control, and parameterization
  • Integrated Automation System Control
  • Lab Information Management Systems
  • Automated methods for molecular biology
  • Communicating results to peers and colleagues

During this course students should learn to:

  • Design and execute automation machine learning driven scientific experiments
  • Develop protocols for liquid handling systems and molecular biology systems
  • Analyze data generated by automated experimentation systems

Assessment Structure: 

Grading is based on lab completion and quality.