Carnegie Mellon University
September 23, 2015

Duggal and Filippova Ready for the Next Step


Geet Duggal and Darya Filippova wished their colleagues a fond farewell on September 23. Both finished their thesis work in Carl Kingsford’s lab this year, and both spent a short time working as postdocs while wrapping up their work. Dr. Duggal has accepted a position as a Senior Scientist at DNANexus, a cloud-based genome informatics & data management platform.Dr. Filippova has accepted a position as Principal Scientist at Roche Pharmaceuticals’ Sequencing Unit.

Both came to Carnegie Mellon along with Dr. Kingsford when he transferred from the University of Maryland. Though they were here a relatively short time, they quickly became a part of the Department’s fabric.

Good luck, Geet and Darya! We’ll miss you!