Carnegie Mellon University
March 20, 2018

Computational Biology Career Directory Launched

Members of the Computational Biology Department have developed a directory that can be used to search for companies and organizations that provide internships and full-time opportunities to students in computational biology.

Computational Biology Careers

The website,, started as a resource for current students to plan their next steps after graduation, but has grown into a public repository and job board.  It was developed by Phillip Compeau and Samantha Mudrinich. “Computational biology is an increasingly broad field that incorporates a lot of different areas,” says Compeau. “Until now, there was no way of finding all the different companies and organizations that fall under the umbrella of computational biology, from a big pharmaceutical firm to a medical device startup.”

Students can search for companies of interest by keyword, location, and area of interest. Each company page contains information about the company along with links to Twitter and LinkedIn. A job board will be frequently updated with positions provided by employers, and listing both internal and external opportunities for internships, jobs and summer programs throughout the country.

“When we meet with students who are interested in one of our academic programs, they (and their parents!) are always interested in the opportunities that will be available to them after they graduate”, says Compeau. “Our careers directory gives us a neat way of showing them just how big the field of computational biology really is.”