Carnegie Mellon University
February 15, 2018

Andreas Pfenning Receives Sloan Research Fellowship

Andreas Pfenning, an assistant professor of Computational Biology, develops computational and experimental genomic techniques to study how genetic differences influence complex traits, with a focus on the brain. He applies these techniques across species to study how the genome evolved for speech and language production. His group also studies the genetic mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease and aging in humans. Below is a visual representation of Pfenning’s lab studies:

Figure tracing the evolutionary history of gene regulation

Pfenning became a faculty member in 2016 after a joint postdoctoral graduate position at MIT and Harvard Medical School. He earned a Ph.D. in computational biology and bioinformatics at Duke University, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Carnegie Mellon. He has published a number of high-impact papers in Nature, Science, Cell and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

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