Carnegie Mellon University
May 03, 2021

Members of CBD Have Six Papers Accepted for ISMB 2021

We are very pleased that 6 papers by members of the Computational Biology Department have been accepted for presentation at the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology Conference later this year. 

  • Yutong Qiu and Carl Kingsford. Constructing small genome graphs via string compression
  • Laura Tung and Carl Kingsford. Practical selection of representative sets of RNA-seq samples using a hierarchical approach
  • Hongyu Zheng, Carl Kingsford, and Guillaume Marçais. Sequence-specific minimizers via polar sets
  • Trevor Frisby, Zhiyun Gong, Christopher Langmead. Asynchronous Parallel Bayesian Optimization for AI-Driven Cloud Laboratories
  • Zeyuan Zuo, Liu Cao, Louis-Felix Nothias, Hosein Mohimani. MS2Planner: Optimizing Coverage in Tandem Mass Spectrometry Based Metabolomics by Iterative Data Acquisition
  • Mark Gerstein, Min Xu, Zhanlin Chen, Jing Zhang, Jason Liu, Yi Dai, Donghoon Lee, Martin Min. DECODE: A Deep-learning Framework for Condensing Enhancers and Refining Boundaries with Large-scale Functional Assays