Carnegie Mellon University
March 23, 2023

Accenture Invests in Ocean Genomics

By Adam Kohlhaas

Ocean Genomics, a Pittsburgh-based bioinformatics startup, recently announced that it has received a strategic investment from Accenture Ventures. Lead by co-founder, CEO and Herbert A. Simon Professor in the Computational Biology department at Carnegie Mellon University, Carl Kingsford, Ocean Genomics uses efficient software, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) to assist biopharma companies in improving diagnostic and clinical approaches in personalized medicine.

Accenture, a professional services company that specializes in information technology and consulting, announced their investment in  Ocean Genomics in February. As a part of the investment, Ocean Genomics joined Project Spotlight, Accenture Ventures’ engagement and investment program that will provide the startup access to a vast network of global companies, data and expertise. Ocean Genomics will work with Accenture to advance their life sciences programs.