Carnegie Mellon University

 Joshua Kangas

Assistant Teaching Professor, Co-Director of M.S. in Automated Science Program, Ray and Stephanie Lane Computational Biology Department


Ray and Stephanie Lane Computational Biology Department, SCS
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Gates Hillman Center Room 7715


Administrative Assistant: Erin Driskill


Josh is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Computational Biology Department in the School of Computer Science.  His teaching is primarily focused on giving students experience with experimental design and execution at the interface of lab experimentation (data generation) and computation (data modeling and analysis). He was involved in the founding of two academic programs. First, he and Dr. Phillip Compeau (also from Computational Biology) founded the first high school program focused on Computational Biology with an emphasis on both the laboratory techniques and the implementation of algorithms needed for analysis of DNA sequence data. Second, Josh helped to start the first M.S. Automated Science Biological Experimentation program in the world. The laboratory courses he teaches are all focused on the interface of computation (including machine learning and modeling), biological data generation (sequencing, microscopy, cytometry, etc.), and artificial intelligence-directed laboratory automation. Josh has a variety of research interests he pursues primarily in service of offering exciting experimental opportunities for students including the microbiome of the three rivers of Pittsburgh and snake venom toxicity.