Carnegie Mellon University

 Guillaume Marçais

Systems Scientist, Computational Biology Department


Gates Hillman Center Room 7713
Computational Biology Department, SCS
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Administrative Assistant: Janet Garrand


My research is focused on algorithm development and improvement in Bioinformatics such as genome assembly, RNA transcript assembly, sequence alignment, biological data storage, search and retrieval.

Highlighted Publications

(2020). Lower density selection schemes via small universal hitting sets with short remaining path length.

(2019). Practical universal kk-mer sets for minimizer schemes.

(2019). Sketching and Sublinear Data Structures in Genomics. Anuual Review of Biomedical Data Science.

(2019). Locality sensitive hash for the edit distance.

(2018). Asymptotically optimal minimizers schemes.

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