Carnegie Mellon University

 Andreas Pfenning

Associate Professor, Computational Biology Department


Gates Hillman Center Room 7711
Computational Biology Department, SCS
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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Administrative Assistant: Shelly Ossman


Over the last several decades, the genetic revolution has showed us that much of human biology, even complex behavior, is encoded in our genome. Most of the variation in genome sequence that influences neurological disease predisposition and behavioral ability occurs in the vast regulatory regions between genes. The goal of the Pfenning laboratory is to build a set of computational and experimental genomic tools to study how sequence differences in those regions influence neurons, neural circuits, disease predisposition, and behavior. By understanding the genetic mechanisms underlying neural function, we seek to uncover the cell type-specific basis of Alzheimer’s disease and addiction, as well as gain insights into how speech production ability evolved in the human lineage.

Lab Members

 Ashley Brown

Lab Manager

 Lahari Gadey

Lab Technician

 Vijay Cherupally

Research Associate

 Heather Harper Sestili

Research Programmer

 Ziheng (Calvin) Chen

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 Irene Kaplow

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  Rajee Ganesan

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 Mike Leone

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 BaDoi Phan

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 Chai Srinivasan

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 Cathy Su

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