Carnegie Mellon University

Philip R. LeDuc

Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Professor, Biomedical Engineering

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


The link between mechanics and biochemistry has been implicated in a myriad of scientific and medical problems, from orthopedics and cardiovascular medicine, to cell motility and division, to signal transduction and gene expression. Most of these studies have been focused on organ-level issues, yet cellular and molecular level research has become essential over the last decade in this field thanks to the revolutionary developments in genetics, computer science, molecular biology, microelectronics, and biotechnology. Developing molecular and cellular biomechanics with relation to biochemistry promises for a bright future with potential impacts on genomics, proteomics, tissue engineering, and medical diagnostics. By examining these issues in novel manners including computational biology, he explores the linkages among these disciplines. Also, through focusing on nature inspired design principles at the molecular and cellular levels, novel approaches to technology development will be enabled.