Carnegie Mellon University

Postdoctoral Fellows

Hao Chen

Advisor: Ziv Bar-Joseph

Hao Chen obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Sichuan University, and his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of California, Riverside. His Ph.D. research focused on developing deep learning methods for accurately predicting protein functions and interactions at the isoform level, integrating functional knowledge of genes for improved cell type identification and drug target screening. His goal is to develop new computational methods that move us towards a refined understanding of molecular mechanisms in various biological processes and diseases.

Ali Dabouei

Advisor: Min Xu

Ali received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from West Virginia University in 2022, and he is currently a postdoc in Dr. Xu’s lab. His research interest spans the areas of machine learning and computer vision. In particular, he is interested in developing training paradigms with limited supervision for deep networks. Proper solutions to this problem can profoundly benefit fields where abundant unlabeled data is available, such as computational biology and biomedical image analysis.

Xingjian Li

Advisor: Min Xu

Alex (Qi) Song

Advisor: Ziv Bar-Joseph

Alex is currently a postdoc working with Dr. Ziv Bar-Joseph. His research primarily focuses on modeling regulatory events using computational methods and machine learning.  Particularly, he is interested in applying machine learning to build systematic understanding from sparse and noisy single cell omics data. His broad interest also includes developing novel data science tools for genomics in general.

Prior to joining the Bar-Joseph group, Alex was a postdoctoral fellow at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Dr. Kimberly Glass' lab, with joint appointment at Harvard Medical School. Before that, he received his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics at Virginia Tech in 2019, under the supervision of Dr. Song Li.

In his spare time, Alex likes to spend time doing gym workouts and hanging out in the wild.  He believes the best ideas are often sparked when one is not doing science. 

Xueying Zhan

Advisor: Min Xu